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Hey y'all!

I'm Liza (like Eliza, but without the E), and I'm pretty stoked that you're here!  I'm here with hopes to add a little extra "YAY!" to your life, through art, color, and lot's of random little bits of goodness (blogs, tutorials, good things like that.) 


With a love for rich colors and art that speaks for itself, I've grown up in an environment of creativity.  I'm a Texas-Hill-Country native and have been sketching, painting, or creating something ever since I can remember. My painting process usually looks like listening to audiobooks, consuming too much coffee, and accidentally drying up good paint brushes.  Along the way, I've learned that art is a beautiful process.  Not just the finished product when we can look back and realize "wow! I like that!", but in the beginning stages as well, when brush meets canvas. I think God puts a little spark of creativity in every person, whether you're in the studio, the kitchen, or the backyard, and through my work I hope to inspire you to make beautiful things and resist the fear of failure or insecurity. When I'm not painting, I tour the country with my band Willow Cityand was recently featured on Texas Monthly blog and Texas Country Reporter with my family.  If you stick around, you'll probably see some blog posts about everything from traveling with the band, to my favorite chocolate milk recipe, to how I get from blank canvas to wild-garden-party.  Thanks for being here, and I hope the art, designs, and everything else you see here bring a little more happy to your life.  

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